Bali, Indonesia March 2015

‘Voyage of Self-Discovery 2015’  facilitated by Usha of Pink Mist Retreat was hosted in Ubud, the Spiritual & Cultural capital of Bali, Indonesia. The origin of the name Ubud is from the Balinese word ‘ubad’ meaning medicine. This traditional village has always had strong spiritual healing elements related to the confluence of the two sacred rivers, the Oos and the Pakusera and abundance of natural healing plants and herbs that thrive in the area, as well as the numerous balians (natural healers) that practice here. The village has always had a strong spiritual aura surrounding it due to its ancient temples, priests and mystics. Away from the crowded tourist areas, this enchanting village with its breathtaking landscapes, artistic and cultural charm generates an ambience of spiritual tranquility amidst the gracious gentility of the Balinese.

Ubud is truly a place where one feels spiritually inspired, revitalized and loved.

The venue chosen was a resort with a beautiful gardens and superb amenities, offering the true Bali living which made our stay on the Island of the Gods & Goddesses a complete blessing.

The view from the resort & it’s neighbourhood was quintessential Bali. Swaying palms and trees lined the edges of terraced rice fields that extended into the distance. It was truly a spa experience to relax and renew both body and spirit.

This is what Usha had to say about the Voyage 2015 to Bali:

“In my interactions with people from all parts of the world in the last year, I have seen a hurried-ness and increased busy-ness in the daily pace of life - a pace that literally has one running breathlessly to catch up with one’s own life, leaving no room to nurture and grow that aspect of the self that qualifies us to be referred to as a human-“being.”

The greatest need of the hour, in this context, is for every individual

  •  to slow down, come to a halt
  •  to shut himself/herself off from all external stimuli
  •  and to consciously create an exclusive mental, emotional and physical space to just “be.”

The ‘Voyage of self-discovery’  to Bali has been designed to fulfill this need.

The agenda is to go within oneself in silence and in solitude equipped with no more than one’s most intimate and inseparable companion – the breath!

Some stimulating conversations and some concept based discussions that expand awareness will be our only maps with which we will embark on a travel deep into the depths of our being and lovingly attend to those neglected fearful under-nourished parts of our self – we will embark on a voyage of self-discovery!” - Usha