Overcoming Conflict to Unleash Co-Creativity


·       Imagine knowing what to say during difficult conversations.

·       Imagine facilitating effective meetings to make decisions everyone can embrace.

·       Imagine giving and receiving feedback without criticism.

·       Imagine the gains in trust, morale and productivity that will result.

Working towards growth requires balancing entrepreneurship with authentic collaboration; personal power with the power of others; and managing tasks efficiently while attending to relationships. To move closer to this vision, bring your most challenging conflicts to this workshop.

Whether you focus on difficult client relationships, interactions that you find aggravating, the co-workers who get you annoyed or angry , or the board of directors that’s restricting your actions, this workshop is to help you step into the shoes of everyone involved, and find communicative language that is absolutely honest and yet conveys care. With these tools you can transform your toughest challenges into unexpected opportunities for collaboration.

Develop the ability to see & work with your own & others patterns in any given situation, the examples you bring become directly applicable to each workshop participant’s life, be it in the workplace, at home, or in the world at large.

Learn to:

·       Foster a workplace environment of trust, shared vision, and strength to face obstacles

·       Transform conflict by co-creating strategies based on the needs of all parties

·       Bring authenticity and presence to your work.

·       Mobilise internal resources to achieve goals

·       Support groups in making quick collaborative decisions

·       Turn your customers, especially unhappy ones, into fans

The contents & principles used in this program have largely been inspired by the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) work of Marshall Rosenberg (

For whom: This program is targeted for leaders in both business and non-profit organizations including executives, managers, and individual contributors. This program can be particularly powerful for teams of people working together inside organizations. 

This program is generally offered on requests from Corporates & Organizations

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