Are you at times motivated to support your friends, family, colleagues or community to foster better understanding between them when they are in painful conflicts. If yes and if you would like to develop skills for NVC based Mediation, you are welcome to join us as we engage with Shammi Nanda to Learn the art of Mediation on 28th & 29th Nov'15 at Shwaas, Hyderabad.

Shammi is of the firm belief that conflict could be a gift if we could make containers where people can express and be heard for their honest expressions while holding care for everyone. Mediation processes help us create a container in which conflicts can be expressed, understood and transformed to restore connection among affected people or groups. 

This exploration will be based on the principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) presented by Marshall Rosenberg (to know more about NVC see cnvc.org). NVC believes that when people are acting in ways which are difficult for us to deal with, they are being most creative to find ways to meet their beautiful needs. We may not like their way or strategy to meet their need but we can understand and appreciate the beauty of the need that they want to meet. According to Marshall when people can understand each other’s need its easier to find strategies or solutions which are acceptable to all. 

Who can attend this workshop? 

This workshop is a bit advanced and to take full benefit for it, it is advisable that people who come for it have some prior knowledge of NVC, like attended one or two days of training on NVC earlier. If you have not had the opportunity to learn NVC before you can attend our Conscious Communication Workshop or at least any one from the two workshops that Shammi is offering in Hyderabad this November.

About Shammi Nanda


Shammi has been learning & sharing Non Violent Communication for more than five years. He believes that the easiest way of bringing peace is by enhancing our ability to look at the world of the other person while we express our own needs with honesty & care. He travels extensively in India & abroad, bringing NVC to individuals & communities. To know more about him and his work visit his blog Courageous Communication

Salil Ganeriwal will be offering facilitation support  to Shammi during this workshop.



We will learn about using NVC to mediate conflicts around us in diverse situations. The participants will get to practice in facilitating conflicts through role plays and feedback from Shammi and the group members. We will also talk about Restorative Circles and use some of the tools developed by Dominic Barter with his colleagues. To know more visit www.restorativecircles.org.

Participants will learn to mediate conflicts between two people & to those involving bigger groups. 


You are free to choose how you want to support Shammi as well as Shwaas.  Shammi is putting his energy into sharing NVC and other modalities of peace building and power with organising systems in our communities and organizations. Your contribution will go to further his dreams including creating community spaces for deepening of this work. To know more about some of his dreams and what he wants to do with the money that is offered to him see https://goo.gl/a0GbEn

You can hear the voice of your heart to decide what you want to offer him. You can support him with financial offering or with a promise of any other skills and resources that you would like to share with him to support his vision. Shwaas will also get a part of the contribution to support its sustainability so it can be there to offer you more events in the future. 

Dates:  Last Workshop Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th November 2015 


Timings: 10 AM to 5PM

Lunch & Refreshments: Tea & light refreshments will be served at the venue. For lunch participants are encouraged to offer to bring one dish & share with other participants in the true spirit of community living. Once you register you can check with us for suggestions of what to bring.


Seats are limited and will be offered on first come first serve basis. Please fill out the form below & submit at the earliest

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